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Have you ever been on social media and wondered why everyone else seems to have so much love and money in their lives than you do? Have you ever felt inauthentic after posting something about your life on social media? You are not alone, it happens all the time.

However, one day on social media I found someone that felt was authentic and she saw my authenticity. A few comments and DMs later we found ourselves considering a powerful collaboration between our two brands. Let me tell you about it, Presidential Lifestyle is collaborating with the Millennial Wives Club to help couples stay happily authentically married.

Millennial Wives Club
The Millennial Wives Club is a tribe of women who are learning to be excellent wives, mothers, leaders, and human beings. The founder Tia and I met earlier this year on social media and have fallen in love with each other’s brands.

Tia, a genuine sweetheart that loves fashion and laughter, attracts passionate women to her with ease. Her goal is to journey with her tribe as they conquer life’s complexities and challenges together. In Tia’s vision these women will lean on, support, encourage, and learn from one another. This goal is very similar to my goal for the Prosperity Club.

Prosperity Club
I created Prosperity Club to help couples become a winning team in life, love, and money. I know that many couples dream of being happily married but that dream is often blocked by fights over money and life transitions. I created a prosperity plan to help couples stay happily married. Like Tia, I had a vision that couples could support, encourage, lean on, and learn from each other.

The Prosperity Club is just the beginning though. I also created the Marriage Money Mission to bring couples even closer to their idea of prosperity and to help them take the money argument off the table.

Marriage Money Mission
Marriage Money Mission is a 90-day virtual group-coaching program that I created to eliminate disputes over money. It is similar to my in-office financial therapy but online. It includes weekly marriage and money video courses. Monthly live group coaching sessions and a one-on-one session with me, Kiné Corder.

These courses bring awareness and that’s the first step to change. If we can change emotions around money, we can increase the peace and decrease the stress in marriage and in the world. That’s my dream.

When you join the Marriage Money Mission, you get real money and marriage guidance that can help you stay happily married. When you take the money confusion off the table, you open up to more love. Planning your finances is about more than just the numbers. It includes your deepest heart’s desire.

Even if you are a good steward of your money you can still benefit from the Marriage Money Mission. Do you and your spouse have different opinions about how money should be spent, saved, or even earned? The Marriage Money Mission addresses this. Most people have past money history and for that reason need to reconcile their emotions around money. You can do that during your coaching sessions.

Do you love your partner and want to stay happily married? Well, it’s easier with the Marriage Money Mission program. The program helps you better understand yourself and your partner in love and money. The courses inside, tell you what not to do, what to do, but most of all tell you, how to live a prosperous life.

Many courses tell you what to do…then leave you confused as to how to do it. That’s not fair. Marriage Money Mission courses are clear and thorough. Plus, you get accountability along the way and a one-on-one coaching session to answer your private questions.

Marriage is tough enough with out having to worry about money all the time and how it’s being spent, saved, earned, or invested. Take away your worries and get the ticket to freedom when you join Tia and me in the Marriage Money Mission.

Special Offer
The Millennial Wives Club members are cordially invited to join the Marriage Money Mission with a special price only offered to Millennial Wives Club members. Normally, the program is $297 but for Millennial Wives Club members it’s $247. You will also receive an annual membership to Prosperity Club free (normally $97). That’s $147 off.

If you are not already a member join now, click here. Then start your Marriage Money Mission program. The program starts with a 5-Day Love and Money Challenge that is also open to Prosperity Club members. It takes place in the Prosperity Club private Facebook Group. Next, we kick off the Marriage Money Mission with our first group coaching. This is held in a private chat room only available to members. After the group coaching session the weekly course are emailed to you.

Want to join the Marriage Money Mission now without joining Millennial Wives Club, click here?

Once a week you will receive an email with your activities for the week. It will include your course, some insight and encouragement. Continue to engage in the private Facebook group and with Millennial Wives Club members, to get even more accountability.

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top, you can take people with you. Tia and I are taking you with us and we encourage you to bring another couple you love. Despite what social media might say, we may not have it all together, but together we can have it all, with a little authenticity.

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