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Are you feeling stuck? Do you know what it takes to get unstuck? My guest and I have some ideas on how to move toward your dreams. Brielle Friedman says moving toward your dreams starts with moving your body. In order to get unstuck you have to take a step. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be graceful. Clumsy steps count too. If you are worried, concerned, or too fearful to take the next step, the ideas in this episode can help you move from next big idea to latest accomplishment. Get the inspiration you need, listen now. 


  • Learn to say no to others who distract you from your dream
  • Start with the first step and don’t worry about not being good at it
  • Clumsy steps count too
  • Clean up your vision
  • Have a coach or mentor to give you the outside perspective
  • It can be lonely until you find your tribe
  • Find someone to delegate the tasks that overwhelm you 
  • Find out where your target market shows up
  • Find out where they go to get information about the problem you solve
  • Make sure your message is in line with your values
  • Do what feels right to you and you will attract the right people 
  • When it doesn’t feel good you probably aren’t following your gut

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