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Have you ever deceived your partner or been deceived by a partner financially? Do you keep some of your money moves a secret from your partner because you feel judged? We call this financial infidelity. The numbers are startling, many couples are experience financial infidelity right now. February is the month of love and feeling more confident financially and romantically can help cut down on the stress and frustration many couples feel, that causes financial infidelity.  We talk with Paul Golden, Managing Director of NEFE an organization that is dedicated to financial empowerment through education.

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  • Financial infidelity can be a small secret or a big secret…it’s really about betrayal. Leaving your partner out.
  • Learn how to turn your financial secrets into sound financial decisions.  
  • It takes time and commitment from both partners to get on the same page financially. So take your time and start having the conversations.
  • Connect with your partner and find out what’s right for you and your family.
  • Set a dollar amount that you both agree on is ok to spend without
  • Couples that talk about more regularly are more connected.
  • Continue doing what’s working for your relationship and add new tools to
  • Set guidelines and have a plan.
  • Talking about money can by fun. Add some spice to your money day conversation can add spice to your relationship over all.

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Financial awareness month continues as we talk with the Managing Director of the organization that started the movement, Paul Golden with NEFE.  Learn how to turn your financial secrets into sound financial decisions.

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