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A Couples Personal Experience With Financial Therapy

Their marriage and money improved after experiencing financial therapy. Last year we spoke to Victoria and Greg Goebel about their personal experience with financial therapy. Victoria hadn’t looked at the couple’s finances in many years, until one day she decided she wanted to be more involved. Greg had been carrying the weight of making sure […]

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Millennial Money Makeover With Conor Richardson

Money rules have changed but the money books haven’t. So how can you win at the money game when you don’t have the right rulebook? You can’t. Maybe that’s why reports show that Millennials are unhappy financially.  Conor Richardson says, “Millennials have new money challenges that their parents and grandparents didn’t have.” He walks you […]

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Dealing With Money Stress With Mandyy Thomas

Many of us are stressed financially and it shows in our sleep patterns, our eating habits, and even in our bodies. We don’t need anyone to tell us that we are stress, what we need is someone to tell us the cause and how to deal with the stress. Mandyy Thomas is a the #1 […]

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Is It OK For Couples To Have Separate Bank Accounts?

Is it ok for a couple to have separate accounts? There are pros and cons to this decision and we will discuss them today. Another question we will address is, “does the person who handles the money have the most power in the relationship.” Couples sometimes fight over who should handle the money in the […]

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Beauty Revealed Not Applied With Kim Roxie

Where does beauty come from and who decided what’s beautiful? Beauty is revealed not applied is the motto for a cosmetic company called LAMIK beauty. The CEO Kim Roxie talks about how women are becoming more conscious about what they have on the inside as well as what they put on the outside of their […]

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Your Relationship with Confidence

​​Research shows that confidence can make a tremendous difference in women’s success in business—yet it’s something many women struggle with. Bernie Dixon the founder of Launchpad2X, has a lot to share with women about confidence. She’s someone who’s held c-suite positions at Fortune 100 companies and led a successful career as a military officer. After […]

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Balancing Feminine And Masculine Confidence

Whose more confident, whose stronger, whose better, men or women? It’s hard to say because there are benefits in both feminine and masculine energy. Society has filled our heads with stereotypes and judgments so we begin to believe that one is better than the other. These stereotypes and ideas get in the way of our […]

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Having Tough Conversations

What’s your idea of prosperity? Are you still trying to figure it out? Andy and I can help you with this today. We also discuss the Marriage Money Mission and how to set core values for your relationship. They say marriage is hard, we say marriage takes effort. With a few key lessons and a […]

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Overcoming Financial Infidelity with Paul Golden of NEFE

Episode Description: Have you ever deceived your partner or been deceived by a partner financially? Do you keep some of your money moves a secret from your partner because you feel judged? We call this financial infidelity. The numbers are startling, many couples are experience financial infidelity right now. February is the month of love […]

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