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What will people say?

In a perfect world how you see yourself is how others will see you, but this is not always what happens in the real world. Sometimes, we think of ourselves one way while others see use differently. We often get so caught up in what people will say that we can’t be ourselves. Which is […]

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Join the Maximize Your Life Call

Dial in: 213-992-5193 PIN# 89129   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Why pursue happiness when creating peace is much more satisfying?  Atlanta, April 23, 2013. On Sunday, May 5th Author, Kiné Corder will host the Maximize Your Life Call, a lifestyle consulting strategy session that will help listeners determine where they are, discover where they want […]

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Maximize your life

There are more people who regret not taking risks than there are those who regret taking them. A good calculated risk can propel you forward and boost your confidence in your future. A missed opportunity can keep you stagnated and discouraged. You have to be ready for the possibility of success or failure so hedging […]

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