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Say Cheese!

Before appearing on ABC Extreme Makeover I didn’t get compliments on my smile, in fact I tried not to smile too much so that people wouldn’t judge me or stare at me. I hated that awkward feeling and I hated having to hold back. I wanted to smile more but it wasn’t worth the pain. When I […]

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Where is this financial decision likely to lead?

Most of you have heard me say either in my blog, my speaking engagements or in my book, “The Art of Starting Over” that one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before taking action is, “where is this decision likely to lead?” When you consider that almost every decision is a financial […]

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What is the formula that equals your life?

You have heard of giving 110% right? Well today I have to break some bad news to you. There is no such thing as 110%. There is only 100% after that there is nothing left. If someone uses 100% of the toilet paper you cannot use the extra 10% because it does not exist. If […]

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Focus on C.A.L.M. to create a peaceful life

This year’s blog is going to focus on Career And Lifestyle Management. All year I will work to give you a little wisdom here and there about pursuing your business goals without losing sight of your personal goals. It is important to excel in your career but you cannot neglect your personal life in the process. Understand that the word management […]

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