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Dating with Dignity with Marni Battista

Episode Description: Are you attracting what you really want in your life? If not, do you know what’s blocking you? Marni Battista, talks about finding yourself before you find your partner…and you can do this, even if you are already married. Women, have you been confusing your man with mixed messages about what you really […]

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Your Most Important Relationship

Episode Description: How would you answer this question, who is the most important person in your life? Your children, your parents, your spouse, your pet? Find out who Kiné says is the most important person in your life. Get tools on how to cultivate and enhance the most important relationship. You know the answer but […]

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Favorite Love And Money Books

Episode Description: Want to grow together with your partner rather than apart? Whether audible, hardback, or paperback reading is a great way to stay on the same page (yup, I said it) financially and romantically. When you continue to learn together you grow together. Andy and I discuss our favorite love and money books and […]

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Time After Time with Tom Evans

Episode Description: Are you overwhelmed by your schedule, wishing there was more time? We are programmed to hate time. Time can be the enemy if you don’t know how to use it. Improve your relationship with time with this episode. Tom will breakdown how timefulness can work in your favor. Stop letting time stress you […]

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Love Your Life

Society has lied to you and lead you to believe that everyone has the key to happiness except you. It’s just not true. This episode is a mini course to help you to stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, your relationships, and your life. Takeaways: Nobody has the perfect body, perfect marriage, […]

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Love Money Q&A

Episode Description: You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Kiné is joined by Andy Hill, together they go through questions from the Facebook group and give advice to listeners. Today’s Q&A episode focuses on life scenarios that include car buying and relationship blame game. Listen, learn and even comment if you like. Between navigating the […]

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Love Money Tax Strategies

Tax season is soon approaching and it’s about time you gather all of your financial documentation from 2018 in preparation of filing properly. You have to go over all of your expenses and tally up the monies earned and spent. If you are a business owner this could be considered a stressful time if you […]

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Love Money Credit Card Offers

The skepticism that comes with the idea of having a credit card stops many people from applying for one, but then there are those who see having a credit card as being able to spend big money whenever needed. While there are pros and cons, you really have to know yourself to determine your intentions […]

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Love Money Life Addition w/ Leah Marshall

A conversation with a friend can clear up some of life’s complexities. My good friend Leah Marshall and I love to discuss life challenges by breaking down an episode of something we’ve watched that we found valuable. This week we discuss Red Table Talk featuring Will & Jada Smith getting super real about their marriage- what […]

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