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You know how we say hard work is not the key to success at Presidential Lifestyle? Well today I want to share with you what is. Progress… If you track your progress you are more likely to succeed. Tracking your progress helps you get a clear picture of what’s going well, what’s not working, and what challenges might block your success. When you have this clarity you can succeed. I share my journey this quarter and I give you tips on how to improve your tracking and your overall progress. Listen now and track your progress using the framework I suggest in this episode.  

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  • Tracking progress is a huge part of success
  • Defining your message helps you attract the right customers
  • Building a team helps you work less and get more done
  • Accountability is a good way to track progress
  • What is going well in your business and life overall
  • What challenges are you currently experience
  • What support do you need to overcome your challenges
  • What resources do you need or are you under utilizing that could help you
  • What will you do to celebrate your win

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