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Before appearing on ABC Extreme Makeover I didn’t get compliments on my smile, in fact I tried not to smile too much so that people wouldn’t judge me or stare at me. I hated that awkward feeling and I hated having to hold back. I wanted to smile more but it wasn’t worth the pain. When I heard a group of people laughing I would assume they were laughing at me before I had cosmetic surgery. Now I think about my dentist the most when I hear people laughing and I no longer think they are laughing at me.

Every time I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I think of my dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman. If you are like me and have had a mouth transformation you are thankful that you get to smile without any worry, insecurity or shame. My dentist and now friend Dr. Bill Dorfman helped me change my life and my lifestyle. I no longer have to worry about what people are thinking about my mouth because now they just come out and say, “you have a beautiful smile!”


I was always confident about the words coming out of my mouth but I was embarrassed about the way my mouth looked. Now I love my smile, my teeth and my lips. In my book “The Art of Starting Over” I suggest that you collect compliments. We hold on tight to the negative things people say about us but so easily forget the positive. After my Extreme Makeover, life started over for me. I had a chance to be who I always wanted to be. In “The Art of Starting Over” I help people create more power, peace and pleasure in their life so that they can find their smile like I did.

Many people have asked me why I enjoy working with dentists so much in my financial planning practice. I tell them, it is because dentists are super heroes yet they are so humble. I like being around them because I feel we have something in common. We both work in industries where we interact with people during the most painful and confusing times in their lives yet we may not get an acknowledgement for a job well done when the pain and confusion are over. When people think of going to the dentist or going to see their financial advisor they associate it with pain. I think about how much value dentists add to people’s lives on a daily bases and it makes me proud to work with them. All I can think about is the peace I feel now that I get to show off my smile.

Many people want a chance to really let go and live. Having a smile makeover can allow you to feel free. I think about my dentist and all the people around me fighting shame, embarrassment and insecurity every day. They may not know the joy they add to people’s lives but I am willing to remind them every time they forget. Dentists add value to people’s lives and that is exactly what I strive to do in my financial planning practice and in my personal life.

I am eternally grateful for my smile. I smile all the time, people say I smile even when I am angry. It’s probably true…there is nothing stopping me from smiling now.

Fine-tuning…Now That’s Presidential!

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