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Most people would never say that sex, drugs and alcohol were a few of their favorite things.  That’s because most people would judge them and tell them that sex, drugs and alcohol are bad for them.  But is that true?  Is alcohol had or is it the abuse of alcohol that is bad?

There is an art to creating alcohol and spirits, so it can’t be all bad, right?  There are drugs that have a purpose; like anesthesia.  Would you have surgery without it?  What can I say about sex…well it makes babies.  And who doesn’t love making babies. Lol!

Most things in and of themselves are not bad.  However, anything, whether it’s ice cream, drugs or vitamins can be bad if you abuse it.  In the same way, many things that have a bad reputation can be good if used in moderation.  Consider this a public service announcement about abuse, but with a little permission to have some fun.  If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a pain pill to relieve pressure, then take care of yourself.  Can you stop there though, or will you take it too far?  If sex is right for your lifestyle and it makes you feel good, can you have it but be responsible?  If your religious beliefs tell you to refrain from all things pleasurable, can you do that without sneaking and indulging when nobody is looking?

Try not to get too obsessed about things either way.  Don’t force yourself to refrain; just work to keep it in moderation.  However, if you know that you have no restraint, and you will push it to abuse, exercise discipline, and stay away.  Discipline comes before pleasure because at some point if you continue to abuse anything, it eventually becomes painful.  Don’t lose the pleasure, abide in it.  Live a life of harmony, like an orchestra.  There are many instruments in an orchestra, but all of them play moderately together in concert.  Life is like an orchestra made up of a little of this and a little of that.

What is pleasurable to one person may not be to another.  What is sinful to one person may not be to another.  Even too much religion can turn into a bad thing if you don’t monitor how you use it.  There are many things that have a bad reputation that in moderation would be perfectly fine.

I’m not telling you to create a bad habit or explore the dark side.  All I am saying is to understand perception of good and bad.  I am saying don’t get too judgmental, and don’t let others judge you for what you consider good for you.  Make your rules, and color outside of the lines if you think it is pretty.

Keep your sanity about it, keep a peaceful perspective, and just say, “hey, a LITTLE BIT of pleasure ain’t never hurt nobody.”  It’s the out of control pursuit of pleasure that becomes dangerous.  Do the right thing and keep it clean, peaceful and positive.


Pleasure…Now That’s Presidential!

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