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For the last 2 years we have prepared together for the New Year. All year long we work to stay on task, meet our goals and work toward our Presidential Lifestyle. This year we will continue to mark the beginning of the year as a time to adjust, recalculate and raise our expectations of ourselves.

If last year was easy then turn it up a notch. If it seemed really difficult reroute yourself and if you feel that you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to, check your goals; are they really yours or are you trying to impress someone else.

Tomorrow you will stop doing 2012 task and begin 2013. These tasks may be a continuation of 2012 for you or it may be the start of a new chapter in your life or may even be a whole new book. Either way the attention you give yourself in the next few days will give you the momentum you need to keep a steady flow throughout the year. As I always say it is not about keeping up with others or impressing them. It is about identifying what is important to you. Knowing that your list of priorities can change begin thinking about what’s most important to you at this stage in your life and get ready to execute in the New Year.

Don’t worry about getting pumped up because that bubble will deflate and you will disappoint yourself. The New Year is about evolving and on January 3 we will have our 2013 Resolution, Evolution and Goal blog post. This post will help you choose something to give up, choose something to add and set your sights on your next accomplishments. We will also choose out theme songs as we do each year.

Give up any erroneous, self-defeating thinking you may have had in 2012 and begin your new 2013 way of thinking. I will have no excuses in 2013 if it did not happen it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. What will you do differently? Is there a characteristic about yourself that you know you need to change? Are you too focused on sex, too focused on money, too focused on pleasing others, too focused on being secretive or simply too lazy? Start over today. You no longer have to live this way if it is not helping you get to your Presidential Lifestyle.

Do not focus on who you do not want to be, stay focused on who are becoming. It doesn’t matter who you have been in the past and it certainly doesn’t matter who you thought you would be. All there is now is who you are evolving into. Whether that is bold, strong, meek, fearless, tenacious, friendly or a good listener you should prepare your mind right now for this new you.

Be clear about what you are doing right now and what is going on around you right now and determine how you fit in. You cannot predict the future and you cannot change the past but you can see the present with clarity.

Improving you…Now That’s Presidential!

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