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Did you make money during the real estate boom? Do you still have any of it? Many of us, including myself, gained and lost during the real estate boom. I learned a valuable lesson during that time. It’s a lesson that I share with my tribe on a regular basis in my community. And a lesson I’ll share with you today. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep and I wanna give you 10-tips to help you keep your hard earned dollars and investments.

Get the foundation you need to make it through the upcoming recession. Don’t get left behind feeling broke and depressed, prepare using these tips to recession proof your life and your business.


  • Have more cash on hand than you usually do
    • Cash in the bank
    • Cash in your investment accounts
    • Cash in your home safe (fireproof)
  • Research and consider alternative investment 
    • Gold, silver, precious metals
    • Digital Currency
    • Foreign Currency
  • Digital Currency
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Exchange
    • Wallet
  • 3-6 months savings
  • Keep expensive low
    • Downsize
    • No more excess
    • Lower your prices in your business
    • Lean out 
  • Pour into your lifers/tribe
  • Support system
    • Ask for help
    • Collaborate with others
  • Lower debt
    • Transfer balance
    • Lower interest
  • Track, analyze, operations
  • Keep your insurance paid up 

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