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Some say business is hard, but in this episode we talk about what makes it easier. Agatha Achindu went from a 6-figure salary to choosing between walking to the grocery store with her last $10 or putting gas in her car. That didn’t stop her or send her back to corporate America because that’s the sacrifice she was willing to make for her passion and purpose. Let’s dig deep into knowing if the business you are starting is really your passion or if you should keep your day job.

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  • Prosperity is hope, health, and happiness
  • Cultivate your joy within
  • Have faith and hope and pray until something happens
  • Passion gives you confidence.
  • My faith is how I kept going even when it was hard.
  • I couldn’t care about what other people thought of me. I was only concerned about my husband and children.
  • There are two sets of parents in the world; wealthy ones and those that aren’t wealthy. But all children deserve nutritious food.
  • Nutrition is a birthright not a privilege.
  • Prosperity is a birthright.
  • Start looking for simple ways to keep going in your business.

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