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Many people think hypnosis is mind control…it’s not. Unless you count the fact that you will have more control over your own mind. They say that doing the same thing expecting a definition result is the definition of insanity. But what if I told you it’s really the definition of humanity. Humans are wired to go toward familiar even if it hurts them or does not serve them. If you are stuck in a pattern that does not serve you, you may be a good candidate for hypnosis. You can stop the old habits and form new beliefs by resetting your thinking. It’s pretty simple and I explain in this episode. Listen now and you’ll see how it could be helpful for you.


  • What it is not
    • What you see on stage
    • Mind control
    • What you’ve seen in movies like “Get Out” and “Now You See Me”
  • What it is
    • Similar to sleep, slower brain waves
    • A healing modality 
    • Helps you see other options than the one you keep repeating
    • Mindset reset

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