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You’ve been programmed to repeat the same patterns. Do you believe me? If not, that’s probably your program running. Did you know that 80% of our daily thoughts are the same? That’s why we keep doing the same things expecting a different result. You don’t have to live that way. You can train your brain for change. This month is Mental Health Awareness month, and it’s my goal to give you tools you can use to improve your mental health. This episode will get you started. Listen now.

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  • You train your brain by first recognizing the foundation
  • What you eat will affect your brain.
  • How you sleep, especially the lack of sleep, will affects your brain.
  • Stress is the leading cause of many chronic illnesses, so how you process stress can affect your brain, which feeds your entire body.
  • Everything that goes into your brain goes into your body unless you have a stress management tool to flush it out.
  • When you feel overwhelm the next feeling is stress.
  • Meditation is a great stress repellent.
  • Physical activity can act as a stress reliever too.
  • Rethink anxiety.
  • Sometimes it is health.
  • Sometimes it isn’t…we will differentiate in our May 15th episode.
  • You can have your story and be new.
  • You have a new chance everyday to chose who you are.
  • Are you ready to let go of your story and rewrite it.
  • Focus on and take control of the things you control.
  • You have control over your sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management.
  • By controlling all of these you control your life.
  • You govern your brain.
  • Program
  • Start focusing more on your sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management.
  • Stop feeding yourself garbage mentally and physically.
  • What is your soul eating?
  • What are you feeding your brain?

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