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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s most memorable speech is, “I Have a Dream.” He died living his dream and it’s still alive today. Are your dreams alive or are you letting them fade away? Well, I’m here to revive your dream and get you to take one baby step toward reaching them. My project manager, Tarah Gee and I, have traveled the world in search of our dreams and we want to share with you our strategy for keeping our dreams alive. (Even when it gets tough and confusing.) Let’s breathe some life back into your dreams. Listen now.


  • Getting clear on your idea of prosperity can help you remember your dreams
  • Take baby steps and count them
  • If you’re not moving toward your dreams at least keep a visual around you
  • Find a mentor that can encourage your dreams
  • Get around people who will push you and who have ideas on how to keep your dreams alive
  • Find a tribe that can hold you accountable
  • What is going well in your life that you can focus on
  • What challenges are currently blocking your dreams
  • Write down your dreams and look at it often

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