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Winner takes all and the loser goes home with nothing in a normal competitions. In sports, corporate America, on the playground and even in our relationships we are taught to keep the upper hand. Today I am going to ask you to embrace reciprocity and create win-win situation in as many areas of life as you can. When giving your time, money, love and knowledge know that you will never be without as long as you share.

I’ll pay federal and local taxes but I want smooth roads and the Affordable Care Act in place. I’ll pay annual membership dues but I expect events and to make good contacts. School tuition is fair if I receive a great education and good network of alumni. There are many cases when we have to give in order to receive but as long as the energy is reciprocated we should all feel like we have won.

You deserve to receive your fair share but so does everyone else involved. Greed makes us want to take everything on the table rather than our portion. The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit can create more peace and also profit in your life. It would seem that if you took it all for yourself you will profit more than you would by sharing. How that may be true in the short term…long term you are better off sharing because it creates positive energy. You know the saying you get what you give.

At the risk of sounding new age I will share with you the idea that giving creates more abundance while hording cuts off increase. This is not to say that greedy people don’t receive, of course they do. The difference is they will have to work hard, plot, plan and lose sleep on how to take more than their share and get away with it. On the contrary generous people seem to have more peace as they receive with very little effort. They give freely so they receive freely and they end up with more than they expected.

You don’t have to choice a side win everyone wins. In your relationships, your life’s work and your community consider taking only your fair share and making sure the situation is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. You will feel like a winner mental, physically, spiritually and emothionally.

Reciprocity…Now That’s Presidential!

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