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How hard is it for you to be happy? Have you tried? I mean really tried. And by trying I don’t mean have you demanded that people do things your way or have you grinned and bared it? That’s not what happiness is about.

When you are flexible you will find that people are a lot more willing to do things your way. It just flows that way. Surprisingly enough without even trying very hard, just by simply being open, you will find yourself feeling more at peace. If you don’t express yourself you will never attract happiness. You don’t have to be pushy or fussy; you just need to learn to communicate. If you pretend that everything is ok you will never have the pleasure of getting what you really want. In fact, you may never even learn what you really want.

Happiness is often misunderstood, it takes a little work, a little research and a little flexibility. The research is finding out what and who makes you happy, the work is learning to communicate, calibrate and refrain and the flexibility is waiting for things to unfold, trusting others and choosing to listen when you want to talk.

If you try these things you will attract happiness but you have to be committed. Don’t stop because you feel yourself struggling, choose peace. Know that trouble passes and that happiness is mostly based on your perception. Don’t push happiness away being evil, judgmental, inflexible and fearful. When you are happy you will know it because your smile will be brighter, you will say yes more often and you will get your way. A peaceful feeling will come over you and the butterflies in your stomach will be from excitement not from fear.

It will be a process but once you begin to feel the harmony between the things you want and the things you have you won’t stop. You will attract more happiness and before you know it you will start helping others find their happiness. It will feel so good.

The first sign of happiensses…Now That’s Presidential!

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