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  • By: Tisha Littlejohn
  • Date: Sep 08, 2017
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Financial worries are one of the leading causes of marital conflict today. They are usually addressed in a cold, analytical manner. Budgets, cost saving measures, and spreadsheets are the standard tools in trying to solve these problems and accountants, financial advisers, and insurance agents are your go to people to solve these problems. Real life is more than a balance sheet. Approaching a marriage in the same way you would a corporation isn’t going to work if you don’t also consider the emotions involved.

Like markets, emotions fluctuate and most people can’t remain rational, particularly when under stress. They make emotionally driven decisions that lead to often unintended consequences. These consequences will then further influence their mood and mental state. Unlike a job were time off comes on the weekends and holidays, getting time off from your relationships aren’t that easy. You usually can’t just clock off when it is convenient for you. It can be difficult to separate the emotional and rational financial parts of a relationship. They frequently intrude on each other and for one to work well, the other needs to as well.

Financial issues in a relationship are usually a symptom of past emotional history that has not been resolved. Fixing symptoms like; sticking to a budget or making some wise decisions may solve some problems in the short term, but unless the relationship is healthy as a whole, the emotional problems are likely to reappear. Unfortunately, money is a huge part of our lives and has the capacity to make us feel very secure or very scared.

Money is becoming more and more important because of materialistic television shows, movies, and social media post. This is not necessarily a good thing, but it is a reality of the world we live in. We are judged by our net worth and credit scores, which can make us feel insecure. Our financial image almost becomes part of ones over all identity. This makes the hard times even more difficult and the only way you and your partner can weather storms like that is to be 100% strong in your relationship.

A fresh approach to financial advise

A new and innovative approach in financial advice is required, an approach that moves past the numbers and balance sheets into the mental and emotional parts of financial stress. Kiné Corder is a Financial Therapist with 15 years experience. She has worked through bull and bear markets. She experienced firsthand the difficulty money problems caused people and how it seeped into every aspect of their lives. It affected their sleep, their happiness, their relationships and their health. Realizing the need for a holistic approach that addressed not only the financial problems, but also the client’s mental wellbeing, she shifted her focus from financial advice to clinical psychotherapist.

I have worked as a financial coach for almost 15 years now. I made the transition to Psychotherapy 3 years ago when I realized that couples need help with more than just the numbers. I have enjoyed helping couples discover what’s missing in their relationship while determining what they can deleted from their relationship to make it better – Kiné Corder

Consulting a psychotherapist for financial advice may at first seem counter-intuitive, but anyone who has dealt with debt understands how it can cripple you mentally and emotionally. Even small problems seem insurmountable. However, when you have the mental strength to face your problems and you feel secure in your relationship, you will feel unstoppable. Building a solid foundation in your relationship will make the difference in your life, not improving your cash flow or reducing your debt.

Kiné Corder – Financial Therapist

A healthy financial situation should be a consequence of your lifestyle and your relationship, not the driving force behind your life. Kiné Corder has an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge of not just relationships and money, but crucially how they interact. Having already helped thousands of people worldwide with her book “The Art of Starting Over”, she is now available to consult couples privately and create bespoke solutions to financial and relationship problems. Her all encompassing approach will help you make positive, sustainable changes to your life as a whole, not just your bank balance.

Many decisions have a financial component and can cause stress. Financial Therapy helps reduce that stress. – Kiné Corder

The best way to see if this is something that will work for you and your partner is to book a complimentary phone consultation today. You can discuss what your goals are and set up that initial appointment that will change your life. Before your phone consultation schedule take the Money Mentality quiz. This is a free gift to you. Then schedule your consultation and receive feedback and assistance that you can apply to your life immediately.

I am happy to consult with you to determine if we can all work together successfully to make you and your partner a winning team in love, life, and marriage. – Kiné Corder

Written by Tisha Littlejohn, TLj Creative Marketing LLC.

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