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What do you do when you feel anxiety, you try to get it to go away right? Did you know that anxiety could be a good thing? We judge anxiety and anxious people as bad, but when we use anxiety to our benefit it can be rewarding. Sound crazy? Listen to this episode with Licensed Professional Counseling, Natalie Kohlhaas as she explains how anxiety can be helpful and breaks down each part of anxiety so you can understand it better.


  • Prosperity starts with an abundance of money but also an abundance of connection.
  • Habits are your belief system.
  • Hypnotherapy allows a person so update their belief system
  • Hypnotherapy let’s the brain no it has more than one choice so that it can stop doing the same things expecting different results.
  • The brain can’t differentiate between what is imaged and what is actually happening.
  • This makes the body feel like the imaged thought is really happening so the body has a response.
  • Eyes are made up of brain matter.
  • That is why we use our eyes to find thoughts.
  • Brain spotting is an option for those who don’t want to talk or may not have the words to articulate their feelings.
  • You don’t have to know the root cause to heal. Insight is not required for healing. Your subconscious brain already knows what to heal.
  • Anxiety may feel like it’s your brain working against you but it is not the enemy.
  • In fact, the brains job is to protect you so it is doing it’s job when it gives you anxiety.
  • Sometimes the anxiety comes at the wrong time and we don’t know how to differentiate when the threat is serious or perceived.
  • Anxiety has its place, there are times when anxiety is helpful and keeps us alive.
  • Start doing deep breathing. Lay on a flat surface and take in a long deep breath until you feel your spine touching the surface underneath you.
  • Inhale for count of 4, hold breath for a count of 4, then exhale for a count of 8
  • Take 3 deep breaths, wait 30 seconds and repeat, wait 30 seconds and do it once more
  • Put your hand on your belly and watch your hand rise. Your belly should rise not your chest.
  • Continue to go with your anxiety like an athlete might use the anxiety to win the race.

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