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​​Research shows that confidence can make a tremendous difference in women’s success in business—yet it’s something many women struggle with. Bernie Dixon the founder of Launchpad2X, has a lot to share with women about confidence. She’s someone who’s held c-suite positions at Fortune 100 companies and led a successful career as a military officer. After retirement she dedicated herself to helping women entrepreneurs. She found the struggle to invest in women entrepreneurs is finding them. Because failure is not an option, Bernie shifted her focus to creating them using her time, energy, network, as well as her money. ​When it comes to business, w​hat’s your relationship with confidence? Listen and learn​ how to control it.​

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  • Bernie’s idea of prosperity is ease.
  • Bernie went from the Army to the private sector and took all her training and skills with her.
  • Investing starts with money but also includes time and expertise.
  • LaunchPad2x is an accelerator program that helps women entrepreneurs transition from being founders into CEOs.
  • LaunchPad is Bernie’s way of helping women reach their idea of prosperity.
  • The CEO title can help women feel more confident about their businesses.
  • Women are often competent but not confident enough to win.
  • The way you talk to a corporation is different than the way you talk to a fellow entrepreneur.
  • Word of mouth marketing is what people are saying about you, but it starts with what you are saying about yourself.
  • Women are getting less than 10% of the venture capitalist money going to start-ups.
  • It appears that men over –estimate their ability, women under-estimate their ability
  • Start stepping up at the right time
  • Stop ignoring your greatness
  • Continue being your best and educating yourself

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